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Zn flake
High Corrosion Resistant Coating with Zinc Flake System
1. What is Zn flake Coating?
Zn flake is a proprietary eco-friendly water-based coating slurry comprised of dispersed zinc(or/and aluminum) flakes and inorganic matrix binder. Applied as a composite slurry, the coating becomes totally hard inorganic after drying & curing. Zn flake coating is composed of multilayer of zinc flake which is 15㎛ in diameter and 0.5 ㎛ in thickness.
1) Zn flake has Environmental Benefits.
ㆍChromium-free : NO Hexavalent and NO Trivalent
ㆍNO Toxic Materials
2) Zn flake has Functional Benefits
ㆍCoating thickness : 5 - 30㎛
ㆍSalt-spray resistance more than 1,000 hours on ASTM B117 5%
ㆍsalt-spray test (based on 7-10㎛ coating thickness)
ㆍSolvent Resistance
ㆍHeat resistance up to 300℃
ㆍNo hydrogen embrittlement
ㆍExcellent galvanic corrosion resistance
ㆍHigh resistance to scratch and wear
ㆍMetallic sliver gray appearance
ㆍPaintable on Zn flake coating
3. Coating Process for Zn flake
Degreasing → Micro-shot blasting → Dip&Spin(or Spray) → Curing(110℃ for 25 min.) → Inspection
4. Applications
Automotive / Marine / Heavy Equipment / Construction / Military / Appliance / Electrical Utility
5. Comparision of Zn flake with Others
Items Zn flake Others
Corrosion Resistance (5% salt spray test) > 1000 hrs. < 1000 hrs.
Galvanic Corrosion Resistance Excellent Not Good
Scratch Resistance Excellent Not Good
VOC None Some
Curing Temperature 110℃ 250~350℃
Hazardous Substance None -
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